Demand Response Event Days

What is a Demand Response Event Day?

A number of scenarios can cause increased congestion on the power grid and have the potential to affect California's supply and demand for electricity. During these times energy conservation is needed to help ensure public safety and stabilize the grid.  During these times most of SDG&E's demand response programs offer financial incentives to customers willing to temporarily reduce their electricity use, when an Event Day is called, to help ensure public safety and stabilize the grid. 

Things to Know Before a Demand Response Event

Do you know what to do leading up to, and including, the activation of an Demand Response Event Day?  Do you know what to do? Here is some important information to help you

If you’re on a rate that calls for Event Day participation or you have volunteered for a demand response program that calls for you to conserve electricity on Event Days, the most important thing would be to make sure that SDG&E has the right contact information so that we can make sure you receive Event Day notifications and make preparations. If you would like to check or sign up to receive notifications visit and click on “alerts and subscriptions.”  From there click on “sign up for alerts and subscriptions,” then click on “subscribe” next to “alert me of Reduce Your Use Days” and select the e-mails or phone numbers to subscribe.


  • Sample email template for informing employees

    Your business can use the following sample email template to alert employees or tenants about your participation in a Demand Response program.


    (Organization Name) is participating in SDG&E’s (program name). This program calls for energy conservation during times of peak energy demand.  It can be triggered by power system constraints like high temperatures and damage to transmission lines or the unavailability of power facilities due to maintenance or other reasons.

    We’re proud to contribute towards the goal of reducing our electricity use and in doing so; we’re helping to ensure electric system reliability. As a (program name) participant, we receive program event day notifications, up to a day ahead and will aim to reduce energy consumption throughout the building. 

    As employees or occupants of the building, you have an opportunity to help reduce electricity. 

    Turn off all lighting that’s not necessary for safety or productivity. As safely as possible, use natural lighting and supplement it with task lighting.
    Turn off equipment that isn’t being used or isn’t necessary for your productivity.
    Make sure coffee makers are turned off when not in use.
    Turn off unnecessary office equipment and consider using one central copier instead of multiple ones.

    Thank you for your support. 

  • How much energy can your business reduce?

    You have an opportunity to manage your electric costs and use by either reducing load during event days or by shifting load to other times. Depending on which Demand Response program you’re participating in, you may already have a plan in place to see how much energy your business can reduce during Event Days.

    If you don’t have a plan you can analyze how much energy your business is using (and where) with our new Business Energy Advisor tool. You can study the consumption allocation throughout your building, compare your business to other like businesses, find targeted energy savings and download energy reports. Sign up on the tool by visiting

    Depending on the size of your business you can also have an Energy Audit completed by our Comprehensive Audit Program or SDG&E's Business Energy Solutions Program.

  • How will your business reduce energy?

    Think about what parts of your business you can shift to off peak hours.  What alternatives can you put in place? Is there equipment that can be switched off when not in use? Is there extra lighting that can be reduced safely? Are there rooms not in use that can be shut down?

    Some Demand Response programs, such as Base Interruptible, conduct a load shed test prior to enrolling the customer to make it easier to understand what actions to take when an Event Day is activated.

  • Who will be involved in the Demand Response event?

    Do you have a facilities director or decision maker on the day of the event?  Assign someone to be the point of contact and include a back-up in case that person is out.  This person will deploy the reduction plan for your business. Make sure your employees are aware and give them specific actions to take in order to participate in the event.