Making Smart HVAC Choices

Heating and cooling systems can make up a large portion of energy consumption and costs. If you’re a commercial building owner or property manager, always consider efficiency when evaluating an existing HVAC system for repair or replacement.

According to a 2001 report from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), replacing 20-year old equipment with a premium efficiency commercial HVAC unit could reduce your energy use by up to 40 percent. Whether you decide to repair or replace your existing equipment, the CEE recommends that you hire a qualified contractor to:

  • Examine each HVAC component to assess performance and remaining life.

  • Perform cooling load calculations using updated criteria. Your loads may have changed due to equipment efficiency improvements or changes in your building's occupancy.

  • Evaluate the cooling capacities of the existing units, and calculate the cost of adding capacity versus replacement.

  • Ensure that the unit is sized correctly for your facility. An oversized unit can have a reduced efficiency by up to 50 percent.

  • Evaluate the blower's capacity to provide ventilation air. Older systems may not accommodate this requirement, which could be required for a retrofit.

  • Evaluate configuration and location of the unit(s), and estimate costs if relocation is required.

  • Compare the efficiency of your equipment with current efficiency standards and code requirements. Often, energy cost-savings through increased efficiency justifies replacement.

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