Understanding Your Street Lighting Rates

Your street lighting electric bill consists of two main components:

  • Electric Commodity (EECC) – costs associated with electric generation and procurement
  • Utility Distribution Company (UDC) – costs associated with transmission and distribution, public purpose programs, nuclear decommissioning, the ongoing competition transition charge and reliability services

You will also see one of three UDC streetlight tariffs:

  • Rate Schedule LS-1 governs service on SDG&E-owned streetlights provided on an unmetered flat monthly rate, per lamp basis based on wattage.
  • Rate Schedule LS-2 is the service that most street lighting customers are on. This tariff for unmetered customer-owned lights is calculated on a per-lamp basis, at a flat monthly fee based on the wattage. If you are on this rate, you will need to notify SDG&E whenever changes are made to your lighting inventory. SDG&E may also audit lighting inventories from time to time at its discretion.
  • Rate Schedule LS-3 is for customer-owned metered streetlight service and has been closed to new accounts since 1979.