EV Benefits

  • Charging is convenient– How much time do you spend at the gas station?  Most EV owners fuel while they sleep.  It's as easy as plugging in your mobile phone. 
  • Apartment charging – Our Power Your Drive EV charging program for apartments and condos will get you charged where you need it most, at home. 
  • Low costs – Pay less at the plug with EV time-of-use rates.  Program your EV to charge during super off-peak hours (midnight-5 a.m.) for the cheapest electricity price. 
  • Clean fuel, clean air– If feels good to drive on sunshine, and with 43 percent of our region's grid made up of renewable energy (and no coal), it makes sense for the environment.  Especially since full electric cars produce zero emissions. 
  • Rewards for driving clean – Most EVs are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax incentive, a $2,500 state rebate, our annual Electric Vehicle Climate Credit and single occupant access to the carpool lane. 
  • They can move! – EV drivers get high performance, quick accleration and a quiet comfortable ride.