Getting Started

With over 35 models, there's an EV for you

Today, with so many electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (EVs) models to choose from, there's an EV to fit every lifestyle.  Our electric vehicle guide can help find the car best for you. 

Plug-in vehicle types

All-electric vehicles

  • Runs on electricity only
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet or charging station
  • Zero tail-pipe emissions

Plug-in hybrid EVs

  • Runs on an electric battery and gasonline once batttery is depleted
  • Plugs into a stardard wall outlet or charging station
  • Lower tail pipe emissions than conventional gas-only vehicles

Driving ranges

When considering plug-in EVs, think about how far you drive each day. 

For most, an overnight charge at home is more than enough to recharge an EV after a typical day's travels.  In fact, most San Diegans drive 25 miles or less each day. This means it would only take one or two hours in a charging station to fill the battery.   Don't have a charging station?  No problem.  All EVs come with a plug for a typical wall outlet.  It takes a bit longer than a charging station, but by morning, you're battery is full.  

A list of charging stations can be found on SDG&E's Marketplace.  

Remember, when thinking about your charging needs, consider:

  • How far do I drive each day
  • How many miles will my battery go