Power Your Drive FAQ

  • When and how can I sign up?

    Apartment, condo or business owners can join our interest list and we will call you.  Along with listing an estimated number of EV drivers:

    • Business owners should provide an estimated number of employees
    • Apartment/condo owners should provide an estimated number of units

    If you don’t know how many EV drivers you have, no problem.  Join the interest list anyway and we’ll provide you with an easy online survey to email out.  It asks if the recipient is currently an EV driver, and if not would they consider driving electric if charging was to be installed at your location.

  • Are these charging stations for public use?

    No, they are private charging stations dedicated to your residents or employees only.  The stations are not posted on any public EV charging location sites, like Plugshare.

    If a guest to your apartment community or visitor to your business requests to charge, you may allow them to use your account to do so.

  • What properties qualify and how?

    Apartments, condos or businesses.  The charging stations are not open to the public, so may be better suited for non-retail locations. 

    • Join the interest list today – spots are filling up
    • Apartments & condos: Dedicate a minimum of 5 parking spaces
    • Businesses: Dedicate a minimum of 10 parking spaces
    • Submit your online application
    • Determine the number of EV drivers that will use the stations
    • Agree to an easement for the charging facilities
    • Make a one-time participation payment, if applicable
    • Agree to promote EVs and the usage of your private chargers 
  • I submitted my name on the interest list, now what?

    We will now contact you to schedule a brief call to talk about your EV charging needs.  Take a look at our “Six Easy Steps” process: www.sdge.com/poweryourdrive.

  • How much do the chargers cost to install?

    If your property is located in a disadvantaged community there is no cost for the installation, equipment or ongoing maintenance and operations.  Join the interest list to learn if you are in one of these locations.

    If you are not located in a disadvantaged community is a one-time Participation Payment equal to $630 per charger for businesses (minimum of 10, or $6,300), or $235 per charger for apartments and condos (minimum of 5 or $1,175). 

  • What is the minimum number of chargers that can be installed on my property?

    10 chargers for businesses and a minimum of 5 chargers for apartments and condos.

  • What if I only need one charger?

    Power Your Drive looks to install a minimum of 10 chargers for businesses and 5 for apartments and condos.  There are numerous charging stations vendors you can search on the Web to help you with the installation of one charger. Learn the best practices for businesses, and apartments and condos, to install EV charging. 

  • Who pays for the electricity the EV drivers use?

    You have a choice to have the EV drivers pay for the electricity they use on their SDG&E bill, or the property owner can pay on their own SDG&E bill.  Talk to your charging station vendor as they may offer additional services.  These additional services are not covered by the Power Your Drive program. 

  • Who owns, operates and maintains the chargers?

    SDG&E will own, operate and maintain the charging stations at no additional cost for the life of the program.  This includes all maintenance, repairs, driver calling support and billing.

  • Will I have to upgrade the panel on my property for these chargers?

    No.  Power Your Drive EV charging stations come directly off of an SDG&E service or transformer.  Therefore, we will not use any electricity from your property’s side of the meter. 

  • Will I receive demand charges?

    No.  Power Your Drive EV charging stations come directly off of an SDG&E service or transformer.  Therefore, we will not use any electricity from your property’s side of the meter that might cause demand charges. 

  • How long will the Power Your Drive program remain open?

    The program is based on a first-come, first served basis for 350 locations.  There are currently spaces available however they are going quickly.

  • If approved, when will installations begin?

    Customer installations have already begun and are slotted through December 2017.  We are currently scheduling 2018.

  • How does SDG&E decide which locations are approved for installation?

    SDG&E will choose which sites are approved for installation depending on when the sites sign up, if they meet the qualifications and when they return their documentation.

  • What are the two Power Your Drive electricity rate options?

    There are two ways to pay for electricity when using the charging stations.  Each rate is an hourly rate and is lower priced during nonpeak hours, and higher priced during peak hours. 

    • Driver pays:  The cost is paid by each driver directly on their SDG&E bill.  Drivers are incentivized to charge during nonpeak hours because these are the cheapest hours to charge.  An app helps automate this process for them.
    • Property pays: The business, apartment or condo HOA receives a bill each month for the electricity used by the drivers.  With this rate a load management plan is required because drivers are not incentivized to not charge during times of the day where the grid is constrained.  Your charging station vendor can help you create such a plan.  
  • How do my EV drivers sign up?

    SDG&E’s Power Your Drive team will provide you a package of items for your review with instructions for your EV drivers.  It will include an email to send to them with instructions, as well as general EV resources to provide your drivers.

  • How much will an EV driver pay on this rate?

    Power Your Drive offers an hourly rate that incentivizes drivers to charge during grid-friendly times, by providing them a cheaper rate at those times.  During mild weather days, prices start around 13 cents per kilowatt-hour and can go up to 25 cents per kilowatt hour.  During very hot days of the year where the grid is heavily constrained due to high usage, the prices could go over 50 center per kilowatt-hour.  The chargers are meant to do this…to incentivize drivers through price to not charge during grid-constrained, peak hours.

  • What if one of my EV drivers does not have an SDG&E account?

    No problem, they can sign up for a Power Your Drive account. 

  • What if I don't know how many EV drivers I have now, or could have in the future?

    Send an email to EV@sdge.com requesting an electronic EV Survey for your employees or residents.  It lists those two questions and we’ll automatically track your results and update you with them.

  • I have a fleet of electric cars for my business, do I qualify?

    Yes, Power Your Drive charging stations are perfect for EV fleets.