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Direct Access: At a Glance

  • Direct Access (DA) service is available to all non-residential customers and residential customers currently on DA that do not return to Bundled Service.
  • Based on current rules, participation in DA is limited to a maximum annual total kilowatt-hour amount. 
  • Participating in DA allows electric customers to shop and compare electric commodity rates and services provided by suppliers other than SDG&E, known as Energy Service Providers (ESP).
  • Although ESPs’ rates are not regulated by the CPUC, they must meet certain CPUC approval requirements.
  • DA offers customers the flexibility to negotiate specific terms and rates for their electric commodity and other services.
  • Customers that have elected DA Service will continue to receive safe and reliable electricity transmission and distribution services from SDG&E.

Useful links:

Electric Service Providers

The California Public Utilities Commission provides a list of the Electric Service Providers (ESPs) that have met the CPUC registration requirement.

Energy service providers can get more information about participating in SDG&E’s Direct Access program or email ESP Relations.