Notice of Intent

Updated February 15, 2018

Currently, SDG&E is not accepting 6-Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access. 

All certified Six Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access Service received during the June 2016 enrollment period have been placed on the Y2017 Wait List in the order of the randomized lottery number assigned, for any load that may become available in Y2017. The Wait List is in effect January 1, 2017 and expires December 31, 2017.

On the last business day of each month, SDG&E will determine if there is room under the Overall Load Cap and notify the first customer on the Wait List that there is available space. SDG&E will provide additional information to the customer to complete the transfer to Direct Access. Should a customer decline the space offered, the customer will be removed from the Wait List and remain on utility bundled service. For additional information, see SDG&E Rule 25.1 and California Public Utilities Commission Decision, D.12-12-026 dated December 20, 2012.

Please Note:  SDG&E will begin accepting Six Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access from customers or their authorized agents during the five (5) business day window from Monday, June 12, 2017 at 9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) through Friday, June 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm PDT. Accepted Six Month Notices will be entered into a lottery to determine their random numerical position in establishing the Wait List for any DA load that may become available under the Overall DA Cap during calendar year 2018.


Note: The Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access Service is a binding document.

  • Method and Instructions to submit a Six Month Notice Form

    Customers or their authorized agents may submit Six Month Notices during the five (5) business days beginning 9:00 am PDT, June 12, 2017 and ending 5:00 pm PDT, June 16, 2017, for load that may become available January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

    Important Note:  These instructions apply to all submissions, regardless as to whether they are submitted directly by customers or by third-parties acting on behalf of a customer. SDG&E does not guarantee the receipt of your submission.

    • E-mail all required forms to or FAX to (858) 654-1256.
    • A properly completed Letter of Authorization (LOA) must be attached if a third party is submitting a Six Month Notice form on a customer’s behalf.
    • An Excel spreadsheet is required for each Six Month Notice in excess of 2 or more service accounts to include: Customer Name, Service Account number and Service Address. Note: If your Excel spreadsheet is not attached, SDG&E will ask you to send one.
    • Submit only one Six Month Notice form per customer of record. All SDG&E accounts referenced on the Six Month Notice must be for the same customer, under that customer’s Federal Tax ID (FTI) or other SDG&E customer identifiers.
    • Only one Six Month Notice form per submission should be contained in the e-mail or FAX.
    • For e-mail submissions, please include in the Subject line: Customer Name (as it appears on the SDG&E billing account), Six Month Notice, Submitter Name, and number of Service Accounts.
    • Please ensure to include the e-mail addresses of all parties on your submission that you require to receive the notification of Wait List acceptance or rejection.
    • Notify SDG&E within three (3) business days (of SDG&E’s receipt) if you wish to withdraw or cancel your Six Month Notice.

    Following the Submission of the Six Month Notice

    • Submissions e-mailed to will receive an automatic response acknowledging that your e-mail has been received by SDG&E.
    • For Duplicate Six Month Notices covering the same service accounts, only the initial submission will be confirmed; all subsequent submissions will be discarded.
    • For multiple Six Month Notices received for a service account, only one will be confirmed; all others will be ineligible.
    • A Six Month Notice found to include multiple customers, is considered to have a deficiency.
    • A Six Month Notice found to be incomplete (e.g., invalid account numbers) is considered to have a deficiency.
    • SDG&E will notify submitters of any deficiencies and have five (5) business days to correct the deficiency listed.  After five (5) business days, if the Six Month Notice is still deficient, it will be discarded.
    • Six Month Notices will be accepted subject to all deficiencies being resolved and availability of space under the established Overall Load Allowance.
    • By July 31, 2017, thirty (30) business days from the close of the submission window, SDG&E will review, audit, and confirm Six Month Notices received by SDG&E, concluding the review period.
    • At the conclusion of the review period, SDG&E will utilize a randomizer tool to assign a random “lottery” number to each eligible Six Month Notice.
    • By August 14, 2017, SDG&E will notify customers that their Six Month Notice has been accepted and placed on the Wait List along with their initial sequence number, based on the random “lottery” number.
    • This notification will be provided via e-mail as a reply to all e-mail address(s) that were included on the initial submission.  Customer’s FAX submissions will be provided with notification sent to the e-mail address(s) listed on their Six Month Notice form.

    After you receive the accept notification from SDG&E, your notices will be processed as described in SDG&E Rule 25.1, section D. Your account(s) will transfer to DA service according the established DASR rules found in SDG&E Rule 25.  Any accepted notice that does not result in a DASR as described in Rule 25.1, section D, will be switched to Transitional Bundled Service and will then be subject to the current Switching Exemption rules.  SDG&E will accept Six Month Notices until the Total DA Load Allowance, 3,562 GWh, is met.  The level of available kilowatt load will be updated on a regular basis.