For Gas Service Providers

Role of the Gas Service Provider

Gas Service Providers (GSPs) are companies or consortiums that arrange for the procurement of natural gas on behalf of customers or their own facilities. GSPs' activities include purchasing gas from producers, arranging gas transportation by interstate pipelines and SDG&E, as well as balancing gas deliveries, storage, and billing for the services.

SDG&E provides this information to assist Core Transport Agents (CTAs) who are interested in participating in the Core Aggregation Transportation (CAT) program with SDG&E and/or providing gas commodity service for a noncore gas customer through the Contracted Marketer program that are on SDG&E's system.

Core Aggregation Transportation Program

The Core Aggregation Transportation (CAT) program is an SDG&E gas service option that allows core customers to purchase natural gas directly from competitive suppliers, rather than from SDG&E. Core customers are defined as being all residential, small commercial and those large commercial customers who elect core service.

Core customers with annual consumption of less than 120,000 therms per year are eligible to join a core aggregation transportation (CAT) group for CTAs to procure their gas.

Core customers whose annual gas consumption is equal to or exceeds 120,000 therms are eligible to elect core transport-only services independent of the core aggregation program.

For information regarding becoming a CTA and being included on the list of Core Transport Agents please contact