Types of Identity Theft

One of the most important things to understand about identity theft is that it’s not just one crime. There are several different types of identity theft, and in many cases, a single violation of your personal data can result in crossover crimes that encompass more than one of these different types. Some forms of identity theft include:

  • Financial Identity Theft – Probably the most well-known, financial identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifiable information to take out a loan, make a major purchase, open a credit card, or other related financial crimes.
  • Governmental Identity Theft – Occurs when someone applies for government benefits—like WIC or disability—in your name, or your Social Security number was used to get a job. A large percentage of this theft is from fraudsters who file a fake tax return under your Social Security number in order to claim a refund. If you receive a notice from the IRS regarding your tax return, only respond to written correspondence. The IRS will not contact you by e-mail or over the phone.
  • Other Forms of Identity Theft
    • Medical Identity Theft
    • Criminal Identity Theft
    • Child Identity Theft
    • Internet Takeover

For more information about identity theft, visit the Identity Theft Resource Center