Noncore Service

Noncore customers are large commercial customers with annual monthly average usage equal to or in excess 20,800 therms that have not elected core service.

SDG&E's natural gas distribution system is designed to serve its core customers on a cold-year, peak-day. Noncore customers use the gas distribution system on an as-available basis.

Non-Core Gas Curtailment

If the system is being fully utilized by core customers or some other event arises which may jeopardize service to core customers, noncore customers will be required to discontinue their use of natural gas. All noncore gas customers have automatic meter reading (AMR) installed that allows SDG&E to record their usage on an hourly basis.

The charges for noncore customers who do not comply with a gas curtailment request are:

  • $1.00 per therm during the first 5-hours of the curtailment

  • $3.00 per therm during the next 3-hours of the curtailment, and then

  • $10.00 per therm for all usage during the curtailment event beyond 8-hours

If a noncore customer fails to comply with a request to curtail by the end of the 48th consecutive hour of the curtailment event, it will be reclassified to core status for a minimum of one-year.

Due to the lower reliability of service provided to noncore customers the average gas transportation rate charged to noncore customers is lower than the average transportation rate charged to core customers.

Gas Service Providers – Noncore

Noncore customers must either accept responsibility for managing their own gas procurement, scheduling, balancing, and certain transportation needs independently or through an assigned agent, or arrange to have these needs fully managed by a Contracted Marketer (“CM”).  

List of Gas Service Providers - Non Core