Renewable Meter Adapter



SDG&E has made available a new product called the Renewable Meter Adapter (RMA). The RMA simplifies the interconnection process for renewable generating facilities, like rooftop solar.

Some residential customers will require an upgrade to their electrical service panel to support the new rooftop solar PV system.  The RMA is an alternative to the panel upgrade, which may save time and money. 

Orders for the RMA are currently being accepted.

Benefits of the RMA

Renewable meter adapter

  • Avoids expensive electrical upgrades which could help increase solar adoption.
  • No delays to complete upgrades, saving time and hassle
  • Installation can take as little as one hour
  • Saves space in the customer’s service panel for future needs
  • Contractors will not need to enter the service panel, enabling a safer interconnection
  • No impact to the customer’s property, like stucco repair, landscaping or painting common to service upgrades
  • Safer than other options as the RMA contains a main breaker for overcurrent protection
  • SDG&E will install, operate and maintain the RMA throughout the life of the device

How It Works

The RMA contains a meter collar with a 60 amp circuit breaker and a fused disconnect box that can accommodate up to an 11.5 kW system.  It also contains the necessary overcurrent protection which can eliminate the panel upgrade for certain customers.  Ask your solar contractor if your PV system will require an electrical service panel upgrade and whether the RMA is a suitable alternative.

If you decide to request an RMA, SDG&E will require a Rule 2 Contract signed by the Customer of Record and a completed RMA Request Form. These forms can be found further below on this page.

After receiving the required forms, SDG&E or an SDG&E Authorized Contractor will inspect the service panel. In some cases, we may not be able to install the RMA due to physical limitations with the service panel. We'll determine feasibility at inspection, but will not invoice for the RMA until we complete the installation. To view our RMA Clearances Guide click here.

The RMA provides the necessary overcurrent protection for solar without requiring any upgrades to the customer’s service panel. The RMA device will bypass the main breaker and bus work section of the service panel. It will physically be installed between the service meter socket and the utility revenue meter on a customer’s existing service panel.  There will be a six-foot conduit with four #6 copper wires connecting the RMA to the fused disconnect box. These wires will be in ¾” flex conduit. A visible, lockable, AC disconnect box will need to be mounted to the customer's exterior wall.  

A warning plaque must be installed by the contractor and be visible on the disconnect prior to our authorization of the solar system.  The plaque should read, "PV System Disconnect for Utility Operation". Click here to review an example of the plaque location on the RMA fused disconnect. The specifications for the plaque are in the lower section here.

The customer will be invoiced upon installation of the RMA.  The customer's solar system will be authorized only after a completed NEM application is received, the local city/county jurisdiction has approved the system, and we receive the payment for the RMA. Please see the Get Your Interconnection Application Approved Quicker section below for details on the interconnection process.  

Technical Specifications

  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Listing
  • Meets National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements
  • Accommodates up to a 11.5kW photovoltaic system
  • Fits on electric meter panels rated up to 200 amps maximum
  • Provides 48 amps of overcurrent protection
  • Provides visible open PV fused disconnect
  • Requires physical clearances according to the RMA Clearances Guide here.
  • Meets utility service standards
  • U.S. Patent pending


A one-time amount of $1,326 (per the electric Rule 2 special facilities contract)

How to Order 

Requests are now being accepted for the RMA.
To request an RMA, you must first submit a Solar / Wind Interconnection application in DIIS.  We also require:


Please email

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Get Your Interconnection Application Approved Quicker

  • Learn more about our Fast Track interconnection application option

    We offer a Fast Track option for submitting your interconnection applications.  Simply upload a picture of the warning placard and meter within the same frame. The meter number and the wording on the placard must be large enough for us to clearly read. We will then review your application without requiring a physical inspection.  Rather than wait days, we may be able to authorize you as soon as 24 hours from the date the local jurisdiction approves the permit. 

    To select the Fast Track option simply confirm it as the default selection when the NEM application is completed online.  

    For more information on how to apply using Fast Track click here