Benefits of Going Solar

Help the environment

By installing a PV system, you're doing your part to help the environment since the energy comes from the sun, is clean, and completely renewable. This contributes to energy sustainability in our state that makes the future bright for generations to come. 

  • produces no emmissions
  • reduces greenhouse gases
  • makes use of California's most abundant natural resource - sunshine

Save on your energy bill

How much you'll save depends on how much energy you use compared to how much energy your PV system produces.  It also depends on the rate you pay for the energy you use from SDG&E when your solar energy is not being produced.  The amount of energy your PV system produces depends on several factors:

  • the weather
  • the efficiency of the panels
  • the panels' orientation relative to the sun
  • whether the system has been properly sized
  • how well the panels are maintained

What about higher than expected bills after installation?

Some people see higher than expected energy bills after installing solar. For example, if you buy new appliances or install a pool or spa after installing your system you might see an increase in your use.  Other causes might be that your PV system isn't appropriately sized or that the direction of your panels might need adjustment.

Save on installation of your PV system

There are a variety of incentives and financial options for making solar more affordable.

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