Sustainable Communities Overview

Supporting Clean Energy

Solar pannels

The Sustainable Communities Program was created in 2004 to advance and promote green buildings, energy efficiency and the use of clean energy generation technologies within our service area. The program has been very successful and with goals met, the California Public Utilities Commission has ordered us to phase out the Sustainable Communities Program.  Our projects will continue to serve as an example for other customers to complete their own clean energy projects, which has always been the ultimate goal of the program.

40 projects have been completed over the last ten years which have included municipal buildings, schools, non-profit centers and commercial buildings.  The renewable energy produced by these projects prevents nearly 9,000,000 pounds of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere each year and at peak production, produce enough energy to power over 2,700 homes. 

Although we will not be accepting any new project applications, these systems will continue to provide locally generated clean energy for years to come. SDG&E will continue to maintain and operate these systems during their life cycles, and we thank our customers who participated in our program.