Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

  • Who can sign up for My Account?

    My Account is for SDG&E’s residential and business customers. You can pay your bill online, sign up for energy use alerts and access tools to help you manage your energy use. To make an online payment, an account must be in good standing and have no more than one (1) returned check within the last 12 consecutive months.

  • What if I forgot my USER ID and/or password?

    Getting your USER ID and password is easy. Click here to get your USER ID and password.

  • How do I know when my SDG&E bill is ready to be viewed online?

    By registering for My Account, you’ll automatically receive e-mail notifications when your SDG&E bill is ready. These “bill ready” notifications will be sent to the current e-mail address on file for each SDG&E account you have set up online. You may log in to view your bill online, without making a payment. Another option is to log in, view your bill, and then pay your bill online by providing the necessary banking information.

  • Is there a fee for My Account?

    No, there’s no charge for using My Account, however some financial institutions may charge a fee for electronic fund transfers. Please check with your bank or financial institution about any fees that may apply.

  • How do I sign up for My Account?

    Signing up is quick and easy.

    • New to My Account? Sign Up Here »
    • Enter your 10 digit SDG&E account number
    • Enter the 5-digit zip code of the address to which your bill is mailed
    • Enter customer and security information

    After signing up, you’re ready to use My Account, just enter your User ID and Password.

  • After I'm enrolled, how do I change information?

    To update your name and e-mail address associated with My Account, see the “Profile Tab” within My Account.

    To edit certain billing information, such as mailing address, see “Update Mailing Address, Phone Number, Billing Information” on the My Account home page.

    To update your bank account information, you’ll need to delete the existing bank account number and add the new bank account number. (Note, any future, scheduled One-Time or Recurring online payments connected with the bank account information you deleted and updated will need to be set up and submitted again to ensure they’re paid from the updated bank account.)

  • How do I discontinue access to one or more of my account(s) online?

    To withdraw from accessing one or more of your account(s) online, discontinue receiving bill ready e-mail notification(s) and discontinue paying bills online you must unlink your bill accounts on the Manage Accounts screen. Once bill accounts have been unlinked, they can no longer be accessed online, no bill ready notification will be sent and no online bill payments can be made.

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