Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan - What To Expect

We’ll work as quickly and safely as possible and make every effort to minimize disruptions. Our work may take several weeks to complete and varies depending on a number of factors, but in general here’s what you may experience:

  • Lane reductions, closures or detours
  • Temporary delays on surface streets
  • Heavy equipment such as trucks and machinery on the streets
  • Excavation sites
  • Temporary “No Parking” signs on streets
  • Work-related dust or noise
  • Occasional odor of natural gas

The odor of natural gas

At times, you may smell the odor of natural gas and hear a loud, steady noise as we vent natural gas from the pipeline using safe and common techniques. Although this is normal when crews are working, we encourage anyone who has concerns about the smell of gas to call us from a safe location at 1-800-611-7343. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although not anticipated, our work may require us to shut-off natural gas service for safety purposes. If this is necessary, we’ll contact you in advance to help make sure you’re prepared.   We appreciate the co-operation and patience of our customers and the communities we serve as we work to enhance the safety of our natural gas pipeline system.