SDG&E Connected

Making a deeper connection

We are proud to play a meaningful role in our customers’ lives by producing and delivering energy to homes and businesses.  Being connected is critical to accomplishing this job safely, reliably and sustainably.

But being a connected company means more than delivering clean, reliable energy. It's about connecting customers to smarter energy solutions, the connections we make in our communities, and our deeper connection to the planet.

Connected to you

Through the customer service you expect, new technology like smart meter, and ways to help you save, we’re enabling a two-way relationship with our customers, connecting you to even more energy-saving solutions.

Learn more about customer service here.

Connected to the planet

Understanding our unique connection to the planet is why we’re pursuing clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar and promoting electric vehicle use.

You can learn more about our clean energy activities here.

Connected to tomorrow

As our population grows, keeping pace with our region’s energy demand is a continuous challenge. To ensure a reliable and sustainable energy future, we’re at the forefront of the Smart Grid movement.

Find out more about Smart Grid.