Services and Products Utilized by SDG&E


Major Spend Category Category Detail 2017 Total $ (in millions)

2017 DBE Percentage of Total Spend

Electric Operations Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Engineering Services, Smart Grid, Electric Construction Services, Vegetation Management, Cable/Wire, Transformers, Equipment Rental, Aviation Services, Wildfire Mitigation Support, Traffic Control, Grading/Paving/Civil Services, Substation Site Development, Foundations $888.7 56.3%
Gas Operations Engineering, Materials, Construction, Welding Inspection, Locating & Testing Services $169.4 10.7%
Customer Services Energy Efficiency, Advertising & Marketing, Fulfillment & Distribution Services, Printing & Related Services, Appliance Recycling $113.2 7.2%
Information Technology PC Equipment, Hardware/Software, Licensing, Application Development, Network/Telecommunication Equipment and Support, Helpdesk, Consulting $113.7


Operations Support Furniture, Office Maintenance & Repair, Landscapint & Maintenance, Building Leasing, Relocation, Environmental Services, Land Survey, Food & Catering, Building Security & Monitoring $104.9 6.7%
Power Supply Electricity & Gas Commodity, Power Plant Maintenance, Turbine Maintenance $32.5 2.1%
Professional Services Legal Tax Consulting, Audit Services, Insurance & Benefits, Bond Issuance $20.5 1.3%
Fleet Services Trucks, Vehicles & Equipment, Fuel & Oils, Tires, Auto Parts and Services, Vehicle Disposal $24.7 1.6%