Save Energy. Earn Incentives.

The more you save, the more you earn

Benefit from cash incentives for retrofitting existing or installing new high-efficiency equipment to save energy. Your incentive amount is driven by the amount of energy the project saves. The more you save, the more you earn — up to 50 percent of your project cost, or 100 percent of the allowable incentive amount. In addition to the incentive, eligible participants can now receive a comprehensiveness bonus.

Updates to the Pre-Application process

What is changing?

  • In an effort to better serve our customers and streamline the application process for the Energy Efficiency Business Incentives Program, SDG&E will require all Business Incentives projects to submit a signed Pre-Application form starting on September 1, 2015
  • Signatures will be required by the customer as well as the project sponsor/Trade Professional.
  • This change is designed to encourage applicants and project sponsors to closely collaborate with SDG&E Engineering Services while developing Business Incentives applications and projects.
  • The Pre-Application will allow SDG&E Engineering Services to provide proactive application and project assistance for your custom incentive projects

New pre-application process

In an effort to address free ridership, SDG&E has implemented a new pre-application process that applies to Energy Efficiency Business Incentive projects. For details, please view the Pre-Application Process FAQ document, and the 2018 Business Incentives Pre-Application Form to comply with this new requirement. Completed Pre-Application Information Forms should be submitted to the customer's assigned Account Executive, with a copy also sent to


Table 1. Incentive Rate structure

2018 Program Year  
  Basic Targeted
Lighting $.03 $.08
Non Lighting $.08 $.15
Gas $1.00
Peak Reduction $150/kW

Program Update Archive


Step 1

Review the Release of Information Policy* and Energy Efficiency Business Incentives fact sheet.

Step 2

Read the Energy Efficiency Manual and review Incentive Rates and Comprehensiveness Bonus Criteria.

Step 3

Once measure eligibility is confirmed, and the customer has expressed interest in moving forward with the measure in the near future, fill out the 2018 Business Incentives Pre-Application (see Tab 2) and submit to the customer's assigned Account Executive, with a copy also sent to

Step 4

After reviewing the submittal requirements in the application checklist, submit your completed and signed application (with all supporting documentation) by emailing

Submit a completed W-9 form (pdf) if you have not already done so for our records

Step 5

SDG&E will review complete applications, submit projects to California Public Utilities Commission staff for review, and conduct pre-inspections.

  • Purchase or installation of equipment cannot occur prior to the receipt of a Notice to Proceed. See Step 8 below.

Step 6

If measurement and verification is required the Customer or Project Sponsor will be asked to complete the Measurement & Verification form (pdf).

Step 7

SDG&E will issue a Program Project Agreement (pdf) to the Customer or Project Sponsor.

Step 8

SDG&E will execute the Program Project Agreement upon receipt of a signed copy and will issue a Notice to Proceed (pdf) to the Customer or Project Sponsor.

Step 9

The Customer or Project Sponsor should notify SDG&E of installation by submitting an Installation Report (xls) and invoices consistent with the Invoice Template (xls) and Invoice Guidelines (pdf).

Step 10

SDG&E will review invoices and the Installation Report, submit the project for review to California Public Utilities Commission staff, and conduct a post-inspection. 

Step 11

SDG&E will the review documentation, and make savings and incentive adjustments if needed while awaiting clearance from California Public Utilities Commission staff to pay the project.

Step 12

SDG&E will issue payment to Payee designated by Customer after receiving clearance from the California Public Utilities Commission staff.

  • This process is different for Measurement and Verification Projects. Measurement and Verification Projects are typically issued the final incentive after completing an agreed upon post-monitoring period. At the conclusion of the post-monitoring period Customers or Project Sponsors must submit an Operating Report (xls) to initiate the final payment. 


If the CPUC requests review of your project, SDG&E will provide the CPUC with all of the information requested without further notification to you. If you refuse to allow the CPUC, its staff or its contractors and/or consultants to have access to your data, you will not be allowed to participate, and you will be ineligible to receive any program incentives. Please note that if you designated a project sponsor, a similar notification has been forwarded to them as well. In the event your project is selected for review, SDG&E will mark your data as confidential before submitting your files to the CPUC in accordance with California Public Utilities Code Section 583 and CPUC General Order 66-C.

Additional resources

  • Benchmarking

    Before you take any steps to reduce your energy use, it’s helpful to build a complete picture about how your facility currently uses energy. Benchmarking provides you with an easy way to assess and monitor your energy use.

    The EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a tool that helps you identify savings opportunities, verify energy efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for exemplary energy performance.

    Once you have created your building portfolio in Portfolio Manager, you can use SDG&E’s no-cost, easy-to-use Automated Benchmarking Service to automatically send your building’s energy use information to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.