Smart Meters and Net Metering

For Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Customers

Energy consumption is shown on your meter by bars or a 'pulse' running along the bottom of the display, right below the digital readout.

When You Are Getting Power From Us

When the meter is running forward and you’re using energy from the grid, the bars will go from left to right.

This is also known as 'delivered power' coming from the utility. The delivered power is represented with a display identifier of "DEL". 

Putting Power Back on the Grid

The bars go from right to left when the meter is running backwards and your system is putting energy back onto the utility grid.

This is known as 'received power' by the utility. The received power is represented by a display identifier of "REC."  

Will you See The Total Amount of Energy Being Produced by Your PV System?

Your meter will not show the total amount of energy being produced by your PV system, but will show how much electricity has flowed back onto the grid.

You can determine this by reading the differential received power values at two different times as in our previously discussed example. 

How to Read Your Net Meter

For more information on how to read your Net Energy smart electric meter, download the fact sheet.

Net Meter Fact Sheet (pdf)

Net Energy Metering

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Net Energy Metering