Save Up To $125 On Eligible Smart Thermostats

Have you been thinking about getting a smart thermostat?  Along with automatically controlling your home’s temperature, they’re also easy and convenient to control on your smart device or connected-home system. 

Now, there’s another benefit - purchase a smart thermostat and save up to $125 in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase and install an approved smart thermostat
    See (and purchase) eligible models
  2. Take advantage of our new $50 thermostat rebate.
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  3. To receive an additional $50 to $75 - enroll in Reduce Your Use Thermostat, and if you qualify, you can get a $50 e-gift card.  Plus, get another $25 for each summer you participate in the program 
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Invest in a smart thermostat and get immediate savings as well as an easier way to manage your energy bill.  Get yours today.