Home and Business Area Network Devices

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I do if I can't connect my device? 

There are many issues that can interfere with the connection process:

  • Your device must be turned on and plugged in to an energized outlet. 
  • Make sure that your device is located within 75 feet or less from the Smart Meter at your home or business.  This is the maximum recommended distance. 
  • Certain types of wireless devices may interfere with the connection to your device. These devices may include microwave, Wi-Fi router, cordless phone, baby monitor, etc.
  • Some home construction materials that generate or block signals may impact the connection between your device and the Smart Meter.  

Am I seeing up-to-the-minute electricity consumption and cost on my device? 

The information you see on your device is near real-time.  There may be a delay of up to 60 seconds , depending on your energy monitoring device and your Smart Meter. 

Why isn't the information available through My Account the same as the data displayed on my device?

The information that you see in My Account differs from the data displayed on your device because these tools use different approaches and different calculation methods. Using a device is the only way to see near real-time energy consumption information, including all charges and discounts that are applied to your actual bill. 

Can I use my device with multiple Smart Meters?

No. Your device only works with one Smart Meter at a time.  For example, if you move or you'd like to give your device to a friend, you must first call our Customer Support at 1-800-644-6133 to disconnect your device from the Smart Meter at your home or business. Once you have disconnected the device from the Smart Meter, anyone who wants to connect the device needs to contact Customer Support at the same number to have it connected to the new meter or go to My Account to provision the device to their smart meter. 

Can I connect additional devices to my Smart Meter?

Yes. You can connect up to 3 devices to the Smart Meter.  If you intend to connect more than 3 devices to the Smart Meter, we recommend you use an intermediary device such as a gateway device. In general, gateways communicate with your Smart Meter via a web portal, or through an in-home display. Multiple devices can be connected to a gateway so it can transmit data retrieved from the meter to each connected device. 

Is my data secure? 

The radio signal is broadcast on a secure, encrypted, 2.4GHz ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 standards-based wireless channel. ZigBee incorporates technology which uniquely identifies each device at the time it connects to your smart meter.  This technology allows devices and the Smart Meter to securely authenticate when communicating with each other. Only devices that have been securely authenticated and paired with the Smart Meter can access your real-time energy data.  

Can I share the data I obtain from the Smart Meter with third parties?

Yes. The information delivered to the Smart Meter is safe. Please note that once you connect an energy monitoring device to the Smart Meter this data becomes your data and you may share it with any third parties you select. Furthermore, you are responsible for safeguarding any personal information you share with third parties. 

Is it safe to provide my SDG&E account credentials to vendors to view my information?

In situations in which you allow third parties to view or use your energy use information, you choose which site or application to use, as well as the level of information you wish to provide third-party partners or vendors. When you provide information of any kind to a third-party you are responsible for safeguarding that information and are agreeing to the terms and conditions of that company. SDG&E is not responsible for the security of these companies. 

How will I know if the device registration worked?

When these devices are registered successfully, most display an indicator. If your device displays energy usage information, this confirms that it is connected to the Smart Meter. If you submitted your request through MyAccount you will also receive email confirmation from Ceiva, SDG&E’s approved contractor for adding and removing meter-connected devices.