The EMF Issue

In recent years, concerns have been raised about a possible link between exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and adverse health conditions.  

Scientific Studies and Reviews

Thousands of studies on this subject have been done throughout the world, with results that are often hard to interpret and sometimes conflicting.  A number of internationally recognized scientific organizations and independent regulatory advisory groups have conducted scientific reviews of the EMF research literature.

Conclusions. Without exception, these major reviews have reported that the body of data, as large as it is, does not demonstrate that exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields causes cancer or other health risks, although the possibility cannot be dismissed. Most reviews recommend further research, and, appropriately, research is ongoing worldwide.

Questions remain. While no one has proven that exposure to EMFs is harmful, many questions remain about how these fields, especially magnetic fields, might affect the human body.

What is SDG&E doing?

We are committed to providing safe, reliable and environmentally sound gas and electric service to our customers.  We recognize and share the concerns of our customers and employees over the possibility that electric and/or magnetic fields might adversely affect health.

Our Commitment

Until research and the scientific community provide greater direction, SDG&E’s commitment includes the following measures:

  • EMF Center. Maintain an EMF Center staffed with informed representatives available to talk with customers about EMF issues
  • Free measurements. Provide free magnetic field measurements on request.
  • Health literature. Provide objective EMF health literature to the public.
  • Support, fund and monitor EMF research. And participate in discussion forums and regulatory proceedings to remain current on all EMF-related issues.
  • Work to reduce fields associated with new and upgraded construction projects. Implement low-cost and no-cost measures, where appropriate to this end, in accordance with the rules of the California Public Utilities Commission.