Maintaining your gas lines

SDG&E is responsible for maintaining the gas lines that carry natural gas to your meter. SDG&E also is responsible for all meter piping and other components. Customers aren’t authorized to modify or add to the meter in any way. In addition, only SDG&E employees are allowed to operate the gas service shut-off valve. The exception is in emergency situations. Please don’t change, remove, or disturb any piping on the SDG&E side of the meter.

However, if you’re a property owner, property manager, tenant and/or occupant, you are responsible for maintaining all gas lines on your side of the meter. Such customer-owned gas lines include all piping that goes:

  • From your gas meter to the appliances on your property.
  • From a curbside gas meter to the home (when the meter is not right beside the home).
  • From your meter underground to a building, pool/spa heater, barbecue or other gas appliances.

Call 811 before you dig!