Prepare Safely for Gas Service

Special precautions must be taken when preparing a home site for gas service. Always use gas detection devices during purging and do not rely on your sense of smell alone to detect the presence of natural gas.

  • Do not purge into a confined space. When preparing gas pipes, regulators, appliances equipment and apparatus for service, only purge in a well-ventilated area and vent the contents to the outside.
  • Eliminate sources of ignition. Before purging, identify and eliminate all sources of ignition, such as standing pilots, open flames, cigarettes, appliances and equipment to prevent fire hazards.
  • Be prepared. Know how to identify and respond to gas leaks before purging.

For any suspected gas emergency or questions, please call us immediately at 1-800-411-7343.

  • About Odor Fade (loss of odorant)

    Odor fade or loss of odor can cause the odorant we put in the gas to diminish so that you can't smell it. Do not rely on your sense of smell only to detect the presence of natural gas.

    Causes of Odor Fade

    • Odor fade is caused by physical and chemical processes. Other factors that may cause odor fade include:
      • Construction and configuration of the customer’s gas facilities.
      • Presence of rust, moisture, liquids or other substances in the pipe.
      • Gas composition, pressure and flow.
      • Intermittent, little or no gas flow over an extended period that normally lasts until gas flow increases or becomes more frequent.
    • New pipe installations.
    • Steel and larger pipes.
    • Soil.

    If you have additional questions or concerns regarding odor fade, call SDG&E at 1-800-411-7343 or contact a licensed, qualified professional. You can also refer to the Odor Fade Safety Bulletin (pdf).