Rotating Outage Status

View Current Outages on the Outage Map

To view current outages (including any areas currently affected by active rotating outages) impacting our service territory, click on the “Current Outages Map” icon below:

Current Outages Map

What is a Rotating Outage?

Regional power emergencies sometimes require rotating outages. Below is a list that can help you determine if your area is subject to an upcoming outage.

Areas are listed by block and/or circuit number. Your block and circuit numbers may be found on your bill, or you can search by service address using our lookup:

Look Up Your Block and Circuit Number

Enter your service address in the fields below to get your block and circuit number. Can't find your block or circuit?

Check Your Block and Circuit Status

The list below is color-coded for easy reference and shows the block and circuit status in the outage rotation. 

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the legend. Then scroll down to find your block and circuit number in the list. Click on the circuit number for detailed information.


Circuits that had rotating outages earlier today but are now restored.


Circuits experiencing technical delays during restoration.

Current Outage

Circuits currently experiencing rotating outages.

Group 1

Circuits up next for rotating outages, if required by the ISO.

Group 2

Circuits to experience rotating outages after Group 1, if necessary.

Group 3

Circuits to experience rotating outages after Group 2, if necessary.

Group 4

Circuits to experience rotating outages after Group 3, if necessary.

Group 5

Circuits to experience rotating outages after Group 4, if necessary.

Temp. Exempt

Circuits that are temporarily exempt from rotating outages.

If the lookup does not return your block or circuit, or you do not have a service address, please refer to your bill.