California, Federal & International Research Programs

EMF studies are ongoing around the world, including childhood leukemia studies in Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Results are expected over the next few years. Decisions on future EMF research after that probably will depend on the outcome of these ongoing studies. A number of EMF research and risk evaluation programs are nearing completion or are in the process of evaluating EMF research conducted to date.

Following are summary discussions of research in the U.S. and around the world. Click on the links for more details.

  • California Actitivites

    The California EMF Program, managed by the California Department of Health Services (CDHS), performs EMF research and policy analysis, and provides education and technical help to benefit Californians.

  • Federal Activities

    The U.S. Federal government conducted a $45-million EMF research program managed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. This program, known as the EMF RAPID (Research And Public Information Dissemination) Program, submitted a final report to the U.S. Congress on June 15, 1999.

    Copies of the report can be found on the EMF RAPID home page, or by mail at: EMF-RAPID Program, NIEHS, PO Box 12233, Mail drop EC-16, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

  • International Activities

    The World Health Organization (WHO) International EMF Project was established in 1996 and is scheduled to be completed in 2006. Collaborating with a number of international agencies and organizations, WHO is pooling resources and knowledge concerning possible effects of exposure to EMF and making a concerted effort to identify gaps in knowledge, recommend focused research, conduct improved health risk assessments, and work toward international consensus and resolution on EMF health concerns.