AC Quality Care

Increase the Performance of Your Heating & Cooling System 

In San Diego, we use our air conditioner in the summer and heater in the winter. The AC Quality Care Program provides residents with specially trained and skilled contractors to perform year-round Quality Maintenance of your heating and cooling system to help ensure a reliable and energy-efficient operation. With a $250 initial rebate, SDG&E customers are eligible to receive a System Assessment & Improvement for $50, a service designed to increase indoor comfort, air quality and energy efficiency.

A qualified AC Quality Care technician will perform a comprehensive inventory and assessment of your heating and cooling system, as well as make energy efficient improvements, like cleaning the condenser coil, changing the air filter and installing an efficient fan control device. The resulting diagnostic report from the assessment provides you with a roadmap to make informed decisions when considering advanced improvements of your system, for which additional rebates may be available.

From the initial assessment of an existing central HVAC system, to comprehensive guidance for new installation or retrofits under the Quality Installation program, total program rebates range from $250 to $1,250. Increase the comfort of your home and the savings in your wallet through quality care of your heating and cooling system.

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