Research and Testing Facility

Opened in January 2014, our new Research and Testing Facility is comprised of seven labs to facilitate thorough testing of emerging technologies and processes in support of SDG&E’s Smart Grid Deployment Plan and cyber security standards. Here are some of the things the lab tests:

Integrated Test Facility Fact Sheet

Smart garage

This is our new research environment for advancement of intelligent plug-in electric vehicle charging systems. This lab helps SDG&E prepare for the deployment of charging stations and services in the region.

Home Area Network lab

This lab tests emerging smart home technologies including in-home displays, programmable communicating thermostats and smart appliances with two-way communication features that could participate in a variety of SDG&E demand response programs.

Power systems lab

This lab provides our engineers the environment to model the electric system to monitor, test and evaluate  technologies for improvements to the transmission and distribution systems, before they go into the field.

Information Security lab

This is our cyber security lab. Researchers conduct and simulate real-world cyber security attacks on industrial control system equipment in order to identify and treat potential risks to SDG&E’s systems and infrastructure.

Distributed Energy Resources lab

Simulating both generation and load, this lab tests equipment like inverters, energy storage systems and their impact on the grid.