Keeping Energy Reliable


Screenshot of outage map applicationRestoration tools

Our outage map includes data on when outages have been reported, how many customers are potentially affected, what the approximate cause is and when we expect the outage to be restored. Customers can also view outage information on our free mobile application.

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Distribution tower at sunsetTechnology that keeps the grid reliable

We've been recognized for eight years in a row for outstanding reliability. Many of our Smart Grid projects are designed to maintain or improve system reliability.

We use behind-the-scenes technologies such as wireless sensors that monitor and diagnose potential equipment problems. Dynamic voltage controls and advanced energy storage help to keep your lights on. Automation technologies also improve the reliability of clean renewable energy, which is intermittent by nature.

We will continue to modernize SDG&E's energy infrastructure with innovative technology, providing reliable and safe power for customers and empowering a prosperous future for the entire region.

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