Securing Your Energy


Elderly persons interacting with laptopCustomer privacy

Customer privacy is an integral part of our business culture. As a result, we have established the Office of Customer Privacy (OCP), a special department dedicated to your privacy. The OCP is engaged with federal, state and local legislators to help manage the balance between reasonable and effective customer privacy and energy policy goals. 

Persons interacting with laptopCyber security

Cyber security of the electrical grid is essential. We have implemented new products and technologies to improve the security of the grid, and have a dedicated cyber security lab at the Integrated Testing Facility. We understand that the full benefits of an advanced energy infrastructure can only be achieved with the confidence of its users. 

Worker with hard hatSubstation security

Electrical substations are where power is transmitted and distributed to you. They provide the critical infrastructure necessary to power our homes and businesses and connect renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, to the power grid. We are committed to securing your power and keeping substations safe by preventing or reducing the threat of energy and property theft, vandalism, trespassing and other dangers.