Tree Planting Guide - Selection

Choosing a Tree

The SDG&E “Right Tree, Right Place” Program recommends the following trees, which include a variety of textures and forms, providing several options for a range of landscape styles.

These trees are also compatible with overhead power lines because they grow to a mature height of 25 feet or less and require relatively low maintenance. The slideshow below will provide valuable information on the specific characteristics of the recommended plant species.

Trees Acceptable for Planting Under or Near Overhead Power Lines

Based on specific site conditions, some of these trees may not be suitable to plant near power lines where lines sag or are low due to construction or terrain. This list not intended to be all inclusive.

SelecTree photos used with permission

Additional information available on the SelecTree website.

Select a tree that is of excellent quality

Look for healthy, vigorous growth with good branch structure and minimal problems such as mechanical, pest, or sun damage. Avoid trees that have been topped or “headed” in the nursery.

Watch for large encircling roots within the planting pot, these can cause future problems for the tree. A strong, healthy tree will have the best chance of thriving in your landscape.