Tree safety clearance activities

In order to provide safe and reliable electric service, and to comply with State mandated regulations, SDG&E regularly inspects facilities for encroaching vegetation.

The guidelines below describe the minimum clearances required between vegetation and electrical equipment. To maintain compliance with state law, SDG&E maintains clearances that exceed the minimum distance required.

Clearance Requirements

Underground vault and transformer facilities: 

  • 8 feet from the door, 18 inches from the sides, and clear from ground to sky (see sample sticker below; box size and clearances may vary)

Utility pole climbing space: 

  • 3 feet clearance for two quadrants of the pole

Secondary voltage lines from pole to pole: 

  • 3 feet  clearance from wires

Service drop from pole to house or pole to structure

  • No strain or abrasion of conductors

Guy wires that support poles whether pole to ground or pole to pole: 

  • No strain or abrasion of guy wires

Eucalyptus tree impacts guy wire

Climbing Space Infraction