Time of Use (TOU) Pricing Plans for Business

Your energy costs are based on how much electricity you use and when you use it. To better reflect energy use patterns and the impact on the electric grid, the California Public Utilities Commission recently approved these changes, effective December 1, 2017.

  • Seasonal Change
  • Time of Use Period Change
  • Event Day Period Change

Go to My Account to review your pricing plan to understand how these changes might impact your business and how you can save. 

Seasonal change

The CPUC determined that the month of May more closely aligns with the data of our winter months instead of the previous summer designation.  Therefore the new seasonal periods are:

Summer period:
June 1 - October 31
(previously May 1 - October 31)

Winter period:
November 1 - May 31
(previously November 1 - April 30) 


Many of these changes depend on what pricing plan your business is enrolled.  If you don't know what pricing plan you're on you can find out by visiting My Account.

Energy-saving solutions

Our new Business Resource for Savings & Solutions can provide you additional information on our programs and services. Businesses can save and manage their energy costs more effectively with programs, services and assistance such as: 

No-cost business energy audits (Small Business  -  Large Business): We’ll come to your place of business to identify equipment that can be replaced to save energy and money.  Once the best places to save are identified, you may be eligible for technologies like lighting and refrigeration upgrades, at no cost to you.

We can help you make an investment for longer-term energy-saving benefits through rebates and financial incentives that help offset the costs of replacing or retrofitting most of the energy using equipment at your business.

Visit our Energy Innovation Center to enroll in a workshop or training on the latest energy-efficient technology.

If at any time you need help with your bill, we also offer a variety of convenient and secure payment options and assistance. And consider our Level Pay program to even out your bill payment from month-to month.