Overview of Generation Interconnections

As co-participants in the California energy market, certain Interconnection Customers (ICs) may require an interconnection with SDG&E-owned electric transmission facilities in order to transact in the energy marketplace. 

Potential ICs should review the following information when applying for electrical interconnection with SDG&E-owned transmission or distribution facilities.

Before a meeting can be established with SDG&E to discuss interconnecting a potential generation project, the IC needs to enter the project into the appropriate generation interconnection process, by identifying whether the project will be interconnecting to the SDG&E Transmission System or Distribution System.

Transmission System - Connecting at 69kV and above

  • CAISO Generator Interconnection and Deliverability Allocation Procedures (GIDAP)

    • Large projects greater than 20MW (2 studies)

    • Small projects Less than or equal to 20MW (2 studies)

Distribution System - Connecting at 12.47kV and below

  • WDAT Generator Interconnection Procedures (GIP)

    • Applicable to all project sizes

  • SDG&E Rule 21

The IC is to complete the appropriate Interconnection Request form (IR) and provide the required study deposit for the project to enter the appropriate study queue.

SDG&E Generation Interconnection Request Queue

SDG&E provides non-discriminatory access to the grid for all generation projects that request interconnection to the grid under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Tariff and the SDG&E tariff.